What my clients are saying...

  • The experience working with you has been truly life changing. I have developed closer relationships with my team members, and we have become more collaborative in our efforts.

    I have learned how to prioritize my time. I used to get caught up in the spider web of emails and responding to them would typically consume my entire day. I now set aside blocks of time for my personal growth and development, as well as time to accomplish items I feel are not only urgent but are particularly important to me and the organization. I no longer get overwhelmed and distracted. I am more capable and composed at handling what comes at me.

    Stefan Yost
    General Manager – Illinois District
  • From our first session through to our last, Tony and his team challenged me to examine everything about my leadership mindset, to understand the underlying foundation of my decision making, and to expand my definition of leadership.

    My leadership evolved dramatically. Tony’s inquisitive, insightful one-on-one conversations helped me embrace a new mindset, freeing me to delegate more, build more empowering relationships, and be more authentic with my team.

    Keith Rabush
    Enterprise General Manager / ADT Commercial, LLC
  • Working with Tony has helped me become a more dynamic leader. He has helped me become infinitely more self-aware. The experience has been deeply powerful and transformative. The work on my inner game, has helped me become a better listener, more patient, and emotionally aware. I now am a better negotiator, a better leader of my team, and relationship builder with my clients.

    Joseph Davis
    Assets Manager VPNE
  • My coaching experience with Tony was transformative. Our sessions were enlightening, serving to develop a growth mindset and help me see new possibilities. This inner work we did together has helped inform me in everything that I do, from self-management, to time management, to prioritization and strategy. Tony gave of himself working with me on the outcomes I wanted to create, drawing on his broad personal, professional, and leadership experience.

    Brian Murray
    Director | VPNE Parking Solutions, LLC
  • Renee Collins

    Working with Tony has been critical to my growth and development as a leader.

    As a woman, I have found that I was taught that I needed to squelch my emotions in order to become an effective leader. Tony challenged that thinking, allowing me to embrace my emotions, to use them effectively, wisely, and confidently. Through working with him, I have grown professionally and as a person. My confidence, and self-acceptance has improved significantly. Today, I am a more effective leader!

    Renee Collins
    Renee Collins - National Operations Director, Northeast / West Regions